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Together with my best friend and business partner Alex, I run relationship group programs, aligned business masterminds, and take on 1-on-1 clients (only serious requests please). All offerings are for the Queens that want it all!

I also provide Human Design Readings (which is a game changer!!)



What does it look like to work with me?

My coaching is a powerful combination of many modalities that I have studied and applied in my own life:

Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Transformational Mastery Level Coaching, Emotional Release Work, Spiritual Life and Business Practices, and Human Design.

Through a long list of Certifications, plus my deep sense of Intuition, I have come to create my own way which focuses on applying these tools with the highest level of integrity, love, and compassion. The goals is always to support my client needs in the best and fastest way possible.

I help my clients bend time, take out the guesswork, and see incredible results fast.



What YOU will get

Rest assured you will always get the very best of me.

In case you are looking for Relationship Coaching: Whether you find yourself in an abusive relationship, feeling empty and alone with your partner, or are fighting a lot…

… we will get to your truth and your aligned decision, that is right for your unique situation.

Some relationships can be saved, some cannot. But we will make sure that we turn every stone, so that you can do the inner “sexy” work to really know if you should stay or leave.

In case you are looking for Business Coaching: Whether you are a new Business owner or quite experienced already, and feel stuck… we will help you get into alignment quickly so that you can recah your next level of success with flow and ease.

Just be ready for a magical ride!

For anyone I recommend to get started with a Basic Human Design Reading. Click here for more details and how to book it. 


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Love + Light!

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