The Sexy Work

What is the “Sexy” work?

 In a nutshell. It’s a combination of deep Transformational Coaching Tools, Emotional Acceptance, Shadow Work, Inner Child Healing and other Spiritual inspired Release Techniques. So together with my Business Partner Alex, we put all of our best tools in a box, mixed them up, and created what has shown to work best for ourself and our clients. Even my sister and close friends got hooked. We both have our unique styles, and are loving this truly “sexy” work.

Oh and in combination with Human Design, even more powerful. It’s like you are Taking Off like a Rocket. Working with either one of us, you will get both.

Why the “Sexy” work has been the missing key to most challenges in my life

Right before I came across what I know call the “Sexy” work, I was facing a bunch of turmoil in my partnership, and stuckness in my business. Plus, my emotional intelligence and strength were on the low end, definitely not where I needed them to be.

Despite all the Mindset work and Business Trainings I had been doing for years. “What was I missing?” –  I asked myself often.

Almost like a record on repeat, the same kind of challenges kept showing up, many of them led me to questioning my self-worth and the feeling of safety with my loved ones.

I was frustrated to say the least. Literally I had tried so many other tools, invested multiple 10k’s of money, and they weren’t helping me much, or were just helping me at slow-motion pace, which was not what I needed. I needed a new solution that finally worked and fast, as things in my life were about to crumble apart.

After I had my first emotional release session with my Coach, I knew that I had stumbled upon something very different. I experienced an immediate inner shift that was profound… a big layer of my onion peeled off. Then after a few more sessions, there was no going back. I just instinctively knew that THIS work was the solution to so many of the issues in my life, and my environment started reacting positively, even so many triggers disappeared. Instead of me trying to chase for my success and fix my circumstances and others, all the sudden the world seemed to support me left and right. Wow what a feeling, almost magical!

And whenever I feel like I hit a plateau, guess what, another breakthrough is just around the corner. The more consistent I do this sexy work, the more amazing life + business gets. You start to play and dance with the Universe and start to see + experience so many new possibilities (that before I falsely believed were “reserved” for those other lucky people).

I have resolved so many of my receiving blocks. Because guess what, all those beautiful things were on my “life menu” all along, I just didn’t allow myself to fully receive them.

Shift after shift is happening which has enabled me to effortlessly upgrade the quality of my life, one day at a time. The journey has become so enjoyable! No more dragging and forcing as I used to do.

And when challenges do come up AKA the “S…t hits the Fan”  (believe me they will), I have the tools to surrender to what is and get back up again much faster and get out of it much stronger coupled with an enhanced appreciation and love for myself. Actually, I now look forward to the downs as I KNOW another amazing thing is just around the corner. Sounds crazy? Well, wait until you start to do the Sexy Work.

I am happy to say that I am the most stable, happy and focused version of myself that I’ve ever known, and I love living my life this way and making healthy choices from this space. And I am super excited to where this journey is taking me, I feel it’s just the beginning of something very BIG and BEAUTIFUL!

Also, my Parenting has seen the positive benefits of this work. My daughter will reap so many rewards from having this tool as a young child. Of course, I still make my mistakes, yet I am so pleased how some small shifts have made a profound impact already.

The bottom line is that this “Sexy” work is allowing me to continuously up level my quality of life and really savor every day on a much deeper level… while I’m being able to raise my daughter and live my purpose in the best possible way.

I would for love for you to experience the same. Just drop me a message, and we chat.

“I can’t recommend Analena enough! I’ve had profound breakthroughs since having her as a Coach. She brings wisdom, presence, and compassion to our sessions and I have felt safe and supported to shift some major things. I am experiencing more clarity, peace, and abundance since working with her and I look forward to even more. She is someone who genuinely loves and serves her clients. Best investment you’ll make!

Rebecca S. T.

Transformational Coach