Human Design Reading

Basic HD Reading

Even though we say “basic”, this is the most important Human Design Reading you will ever get. A basic Human Design reading covers your Human Design Type and Strategy – your unique energy and decision-making strategy. You are going to learn how your personal energy works in the world. You will also discover your best way to make decisions, how you can tap into your right work, live your life purpose, create healthy relationships that honor who you are, how to activate greater vitality and well-being, and what you can do TODAY to start living a truly meaningful life. The basic reading is going to change your life forever, rest assured. Learning about your startegy and learning how to apply it in your daily life is the most crucial and foundational piece and sets the foundation for everything else that Human Design can reveal to you.


It’s like building a house. With a solid foundation, you are seeting the stage for success. In all areas of your life. 

Investment: $222

(includes a 60min zoom call, the audio recording, plus an Introductory Report about Human Design and a detailed report about your Design Type)

“I just finished the report! This is freaking amazing!!! It has me down so right!!! Is mind blowing! ….. It’s so right it’s scary! The chart makes no sense to me but the 13 pages pretty much summed up my whole life!!!!!”

And then this “I quit my job today” – something he kinda did already 3 years ago, just not fully out. Just the one reading connected him to much to his aligned self that it was a no brainer.

Jim L.

Emotion Code Practitioner