About Me

Here is a sneak peak

Analena is a Expert Coach for your Relationships, Business and Spiritual Lifestyle. She is also a Human Design Specialist.

She was born and raised in Germany and has been living in sunny Florida for about 12 years now, and she is loving it! After obtaining an MBA and having a career in Corporate for many years, she followed her heart and has been serving her clients through her magical coaching ever since.

Along with her Business Partner Alex, she helps guide Moms from uncertain and struggling relationships to either re-establishing a satisfying deep and easy relationship with their partner or to making the confident decision to leave. They also provide major breakthroughs for women in business through their a breakthrough process using Human Design.

She is a published co-author of the #1 International Bestseller “The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know”.

Analena is a divorced Mother of 1 and gets along well with her ex-husband. They both have found a very peaceful way of co-parenting their beautiful daughter.

Along with her current partner, she has been going through a huge transformation personally and in her career. It has allowed her to turn the past into her biggest gift, and it has also enabled both to grow together beautifully through some incredible challenges.

She considers her relationships with herself as the most important piece of leadership. And relationships with others and being a parent have been the most potent places for her personal growth. She keeps healing her own inner wounds and limitations on an ongoing basis. And life keeps getting better and better, which she calls a Miraculous DANCE with the Universe!

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